2013 Update From the Competitive Enterprise Institue

Here are some quotes from their annual report on Federal Regulations.

“The annual outflow of over 3,500 final rules has meant that 81,883 rules have been issued since 1993.”

127 laws were passed in calendar year 2012, whereas 3,708 rules were issued.”

“U.S. households “pay” $14,768 annually in regulatory hidden tax.”

“The estimated cost of regulation exceeds half the level of federal budget itself.”

“The 2012 Federal Register stands at 78,961 pages. Three of the four all-time high counts have occurred during the Obama administration. Federal Register pages devoted specifically to final rules stand at 24,690.”

“Of the 4,062 regulations now in the works 854 affect small businesses.”

“Finalized EPA regulations were up by 44 percent in Obama’s first term.”

For more information visit the Competitive Enterprise Institute web site.

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